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Saint-Petersburg hotels listing


1/7 Mikhaylovskaya Ul. 
Tel.: 3296000, Fax 3296001  
Year: 1824 (1991) 
Storeys: 5 
Rooms: 301  
B&B Rates per night per room: 370-... US $
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Deluxe hotel situated in the heart of Saint-Petersburg, on Nevski prospect, it is within walking distance of the Royal Winter Palace, the Hermitage and Russian museum. The hotel has many restaurants and bars, a business center, a sports center, boutique, exchange banks. 
The Hotel has 90 suites and a non-smoking floor. 


57 Nevskiy Prospect 
Tel.: 3802001, Fax 3801937  
Year: 1993 
Storeys: 7 
Rooms: 282 
B&B Rates per night per room: 320-1400 US $ 
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The hotel is located in Saint-Petersburg center, on Nevsky Prospect. Three restaurants, bar, business meeting-rooms, a service-bureau, fitness center, sauna, solarium. 282 rooms and suites (including 49 for non-smokers). 


39 Bolshaya Morskaya Ul. 
Tel.: 3135757, Fax 3135059 
Year: 1912 (2002) 
Storeys: 7 
Rooms: 223 
B&B Rates per night per room: 335-2200 US $
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Located in the downtown of Saint Petersburg, on St. Isaac's Square Astoria is an old, fashionable hotel. It was reopened recently after extensive renovations. Some of the rooms were restored to their ancient design. There is a restaurant, different bars, banquet halls, business facilities, a congress hall for 200 persons, fitness center, sauna, massage, shops, library. 223 rooms (first-class, luxury and suites).


49/2 Nevskiy Prospect 
Tel.: 3225000, Fax 322500
Year: 2001 
Storeys: 5 
Rooms: 164 
B&B Rates per night per room: 310-1900 US $
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The latest high-end hotel in Saint-Petersburg opened on Nevsky Prospect. They renovated an old building very nicely so that the choosy visitors could fully enjoy their stay in the heart of St. Petersburg. The place looks rich both inside and outside. In a hotel there is a restaurant, different bars, banquet hall, business facilities, fitness center, sauna, shops.


18 Suvorovsky Prospect 
Tel.: 1405000, Fax 1405001  
Year: 2003 
Storeys: 7 
Rooms: 92 
B&B Rates per night per room: 308-1470 US $

The brand new hotel located in the center of Saint-Petersburg, five minutes off Nevsky Prospect. Restaurant, bars, lobby lounge, banquet and conference facilities, casino, beauty saloon, Russian banya.



39 Bolshaya Morskaya Ul. 
Tel.: 3135666, Fax 3135125 
Year: 1912 (1991) 
Storeys: 7 
Rooms: 193
B&B Rates per night per room: 272-500 US $ 
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Located in Saint-Petersburg downtown on St. Isaac's Square Astoria/D'angleterre is an old, fashionable hotel. It was reopened recently after extensive renovations. Some of the rooms were restored to their ancient design. There are 4 restaurants, banquet hall, business facilities, a congress hall for 200 persons, fitness center (sauna), swimming pools, massage, shops, a post office. 193 rooms (first-class, luxury and suites). 


1 Pobedy Ploshad 
Tel.: 1403900, Fax 1403924 
Year: 1824 (1991) 
Storeys: 7 
Rooms: 840 
B&B Rates per night per room: 170-300 US $ 
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The hotel is located rather far away from the center of Saint-Petersburg, about 10km. It is a modern, Finnish built hotel, located closer to the airport "Pulkovo" than any other hotel. There is a spacious lobby, 2 restaurants, 2 bars, 2 saunas, a tennis court, and a sports center. 
There is a meeting room for up to 500, conference halls. The nearest metro station is Moskovskaya. 


14 Korablestroiteley Ul. 
Tel.: 3563001, Fax 3564496  
Year: 1978 
Storeys: 11 
Rooms: 1200 
B&B Rates per night per room: 120-390 US $ 
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The huge hotel located on Vasilyevsky Island overlooking the Gulf of Finland. It is about 10 minutes from the center of Saint Petersburg by car. There are 4 restaurants, 5 bars, banquet halls, a congress-hall and a conference-hall. There are 20 two-storey 3-roomed suites, 1140 doubles and 40 singles for 2400 guests! Inside there is a health club, sauna, beauty salon, bowling and billiards. 

RENAISSANCE St. Petersburg Baltic Hotel 

4 Pochtamptskaya Ul. 
Tel.: 3804000, Fax 3804001  
Year: 2003 
Storeys: 7 
Rooms: 102 
B&B Rates per night per room: call the hotel

New hotel located in the very downtown of Saint Petersburg, over looking St. Isaacs Square. 102 spacious rooms and suites, a restaurant, lobby bar, cafe, fitness center, sauna, business center, conference rooms.


93-a Obvodny canal emb 
Tel.: 3244610, Fax 3244611  
Storeys: 6 
Rooms: 67 
B&B Rates per night per room: 80 - 900 US $
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Located on Obvodny canal emb., not far from Pushkinskaya metro. The hotel has a varied range of facilities including fitness centre, swimming pool, eight-lane bowling alley.


4 Artilleriiskaya ul. 
Tel.: 1031899, Fax 1031898  
Year: 2003 
Storeys: 4 
Rooms: 33 
B&B Rates per night per room: 120-... US $ 
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This medium-sized hotel in Saint-Petersburg opened in the summer 2003 and located about ten minutes walk from the metro and Nevsky Prospect. All rooms have wireless internet access, a cosy restaurant located on the ground floor is open until midnight. There are 33 rooms - 15 DBLs and 18 TWNs.



5/2 Pirogovskaya Nab. 
Tel.: 3801909, Fax 3801906  
Year: 1978 
Storeys: 9 
Rooms: 400 
B&B Rates per night per room: 90-240 US $

The hotel Saint-Petersburg is located near the historical center of St. Petersburg. There are 400 rooms with 100 single rooms. There is a business center with: printing service, fax, telex, photocopier, international telephone exchange, Internet service. 


4 Bolsheokhtinskiy pr. 
Tel.: 2274438, Fax 2272618 
Storeys: 13 
Rooms: 290 
B&B Rates per night per room: 82-200 US $

This hotel is located on Neva River embankment overlooking the picturesque ensemble of the Smolny Cathedral. It is about 10-15 minutes from St. Petersburg center by car. There are restaurants, bars, banquet halls, business-center, 90 single rooms, 180 double rooms and 4 de luxe suites. 


2 Aleksandra Nevskogo pl. 
Tel.: 2743001, Fax 2742130 
Storeys: 7                                                                   Rooms: 733 
B&B Rates per night per room: 84-257 US $
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This hotel is in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg, on Nevsky Prospect, Neva River and Aleksandra Nevskogo Square. Inside there is a sauna, solarium, Turkish bath, swimming pool.


90, Nevsky Prospect; 90, Nevsky Prospect
Storeys: 5
                                                     Rooms: 32
B&B Rates per night per room: from 70 Euro 

Mini-hotel description, pictures and prices.

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26, Shaumyana Prospect
Tel.: 5285202, Fax 5285628
Storeys: 6
Rooms: 62 
B&B Rates per night per room: 90-..US $

The hotel is located outside the cener of Saint Petersburg. It is about 15 minutes driving from Nevsky Prospect. Nearest metro station - Novocherkasskaya. Restaurant, bar, Sauna. Business facilities include fax, telex, car rental.


43/1 Lermontovskiy pr. 
Tel.: 1402640, Fax 2518890 
Storeys: 15                                                                 Rooms: 920 
B&B Rates per night per room: 90-164 US $
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The hotel is located on the Fountain River, near "Tekhnologicheskiy Institute" metro station. There are 3 restaurants, a pizza hut, a coffee, a beer-garden, health center. Business facilities include fax, telex, other audio-video equipment, car rental. 


10 Ligovsky pr. 
Tel.: 1181515, Fax 3157501 
Storeys: 6
Rooms: 559
B&B Rates per night per room: 80-290 US $
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A large hotel located in the center of Saint-Petersburg, at the corner of Nevsky and Ligovsky Prospects.


19 Vladimirskiy pr. 
Tel.: 3313200, Fax 3313201 
Storeys: 9 
Rooms: 207
B&B Rates per night per room: 120-400 US $

Opened in January 2004, this hotel takes up the top three floors of Vladimirskiy Passazh, a new shopping centre. The building is situated in the heart of Saint-Petersburg, opposite Vladimirskiy church and 5 minutes off Nevsky prospect. 3 singles, 160 doubles, 44 suites, 5 disabled rooms.


17, Chaykovskogo st. 
Tel.: 2780504, Fax 2780504  
Year: 1914 (1964) 
Storeys: 6 
Rooms: 133 
B&B Rates per night per room: 55-... US $ 
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This medium-sized hotel in Saint-Petersburg located in the city center, five minutes walk to Neva embankment and 15 mintes walk to Nevsky Prospect. The hotel features 133 rooms, restaurant, bar, beauty salon, sauna. Nearest metro station - Chernishevskaya.


3/1, Nab. reky Priazhky 
Tel.: 3187051, Fax 3187419  
Storeys: 3 
Rooms: 46 
B&B Rates per night per room: 80-... US $ 
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This little and cozy hotel in Saint-Petersburg has the same name as the island, on which it's located. The hotel is in the city center, very close to Mariinsky Theatre and about 15 minutes walk from Nevsky Prospect. The hotel features cafe-bar, restaurant, conference hall, sauna. 46 rooms - 19 SGLs, 16 DBLs, 2 suites, 9 apartments. Nearest metro station - Sennaya Ploshad'.

 and some others


47 Professora Popova st. 
Tel.: 2345341, Fax 2349818  
Year: 1975 
Storeys: 15 
Rooms: 129
B&B Rates per night per room: 65-... US $
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The hotel LDM is located just on the banks of Aptekarsky Island, which is in a quiet residential area surrounded by parks and 20 minutes by car from Saint Petersburg city centre. LDM Hotel holds conferences, seminars, and exhibitions; offers restaurant, bars, night club, bowling and aquapark. Keep fit while here in the training room, heated indoor swimming pool, sauna. Nearest metro station - Petrogradskaya.


41, Shpalernaya st. 
Tel.: 2799955, Fax 2797500  
Year: 1806 (2001) 
Storeys: 3 
Rooms: 17
B&B Rates per night per room: 85-... US $
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This mini hotel Marshal is located in the historical centre of Saint Petersburg near the Neva river embankment and close to the Tavrichesky Palace/Garden and Smolny Cathedral. The hotel features 17 rooms, conference centre, restaurant, sauna, jacuzzi. Nearest metro station - Chernishevskaya.


11, Marata st. 
Tel.: 3119597, Fax 1106546  
Year: 1828 (2002) 
Storeys: 3 
Rooms: 20
B&B Rates per night per room: 128-... US $
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Helvetia apart hotel is located in a mansion designed by a Swiss Architect in 1828 in the center of Saint-Petersburg, at the corner of Nevsky Prospect. The hotel features 20 suites for 100 guests. Every suite has a hallway, a fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, satellite TV, a telephone and mini-bar. Nearest metro station - Mayakovskaya.


70, 7th Line Vasil. Island 
Tel.: 3278883, Fax 3278880  
Storeys: 4 
Rooms: 18
B&B Rates per night per room: 75-... US $
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SpbVerGaz mini hotel is situated in Saint-Petersburg historic centre. Nearest metro station - Vasileostrovskaya is within five minutes walk. The hotel features 18 rooms, sauna, meeting rooms.


5/1, Dobrolubova prospect 
Tel.: 3251518, Fax 2389223  
Storeys: 6 
Rooms: 7
B&B Rates per night per room: 80-... US $
book online, prices, description

Mini hotel Piter is situated in a quiet part of Saint-Petersburg city center, on Petrogradskaya side. The nearest metro station- Sportivnaya is within 5 minutes walk. The hotel features 7 rooms of different types, bar, restaurant, fitness-center, sauna, beauty salon.

Saint-Petersburg restaurants listing



14 Fontanka emb.  
Tel.: 2729181  
Open: noon till the last client leaves 

Russian interiors from the time of Peter the Great. Exquisite Russian cuisine based on old recipes. Evenings of gypsy and Russian romances. Catering for tourists groups and banquets. Business lunch (3 options) from noon to 5pm - 240 rubles. 


39 Bolshaya Morskaya Ul., Astoria Hotel  
Tel: 3135815  
Open: from 7am to 11pm  

Russian cuisine and Russian entertainment in the evening. Russian Table (starters, main dish, dessert, 250g. of vodka and free-following beer): Friday - from 6pm to 10pm, Sat. and Sun. from 12pm to 10pm. 80 seats. 


9 Syezdovskaya Linia, Vasilievsky Island  
Tel: 3282866, 3233718  

Traditional Russian cuisine in a traditional Russian environment. Live Russian folk songs, balalaika and gypsy music every night. Small banquet facility. 


27 Zagorodny Pr.  
Tel: 1135343, 1132999  
Open: from noon till the last client leaves  


45 Zagorodny Pr.  
Tel: 3250977  
Open: from noon to midnight  


16 Filtrovskoe Shosse, Pavlovsk  
Tel: 4651399, 4651499  
Open: from noon to 11pm  

One of the most Russian-like luxurious places. Mr. Putin held his birthday party at the restaurant last year. 


1 Galernaya Ul. (near St. Isaac's Square)  
Tel: 3149253  
Open: from noon to 2am  

One of the places you should have to visti on your trip to St.-Petersburg. A mixture of Russian and European cuisine, extensive collection of wines in a historical setting. Live music from 9pm. Banquets. Reservation recommended. 


2 Tamozhenny Pereulok  
Tel: 3278979  
Open: from noon to midnight  

A place where you can drink a lot. 


Peter and Paul Fortress  
Tel: 2384262  
Open: from noon to midnight  


47 Nevsky Prospect  
Tel: 3157893  
Open: 24 hours  

Russian-European cuisine. Cozy interior, friendly atmosphere. Live music, casino. 


21 Ul. Marata  
Tel: 3258729  
Open: from noon to midnight  

Traditional dining cuisine. Dishes are cooked on a grill right in front of your eyes. French wine right out of barrel. Business lunch from 12pm to 5pm for 160 rubles. A separate banquet hall for events and holidays. 



15 Lanskoye Shosse  
Tel: 2463827  
Open: from 6pm to 4am  

One of Russia's most popular bars. The menu, prices and strip-tease show are regularly updated. Entry from 600 rubles. 


11 Malaya Morskaya Ul.  
Tel: 3111343  
Open: from noon to 6am  

European cuisine. Business lunch from midday till 7pm, from 150 rubles, erotic show every night from 11pm. 


27 Zagorodny Prospect  
Tel: 1106750, 1135343  
Open: from 4pm to 4am  

Thursday, Friday, Saturday - show + DJ. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - discount program. 


5 Kanal Griboyedova  
Tel: 3157607  
Open: from noon to 6am  

European cuisine. 15% discount from noon to 8pm monday through Thursday. Live Latin music. Erotic shows daily. 


4 Alexandrovsky Park  
Tel: 2339391 (M: Gorkovskaya, next to Baltiisky Dom Theater)  
Open: 24 hours  

English pub in St. Petersburg, traditional English pub food. Wednesday and Thursday live resident band. Friday and Saturday - live Latino music and Disco Music of the 70's and 80's until 5am. 


1 Pl. Dekabristov  
Tel: 3111690  
Open: from 4pm to 6am  

The place to be for a complete night out. Good food. Dance music. 


7 Kazanskaya Ul.  
Tel: 3148485  
Open: from noon until the last client leaves  

The place where they brew several sorts of beer including famous Tinkoff. 


82 Nab. Moiki  
Tel: 3151675  
Open: from 11am to 1am  

Good Russian and vegetarian food served all day. Jazz, specialty teas. Happy hour from 6:30 to 7:30pm. Used English-language books and magazines, an art gallery. 


Ul. Bolshaya Morskaya 31  
Open: from 11am to 6am  

Pub/club in the style of a Robert Rodrigues vampire horror film. Moderate prices. 



2 Ulitsa Glinki  
Tel: 3115111, 3116683  
Open: from noon to 6am  

Restaurant across the Mariinsky Theater has a new slant on Euro-cuisine - meat and fish dishes cooked over fire in front of the customers. Erotic show. Thu., Sat., Sun.: live music, erotic show, dancing. Fri.: show programme. Programme starts at 10:30pm. 

Saint-Petersburg clubs



12 Perekupnoi per.  
Tel.: 2749467  
M: Pl. Alexandra Nevskogo/Pl. Vosstaniya  
Open: Wed.-Sun. 7pm to midnight  
Entry: 40-80 rubles 

Probably the best undeground rock club, where Tequilajazzz and Spitfire like to perform. 


65 Lesnoi Pr.  
Tel.: 2452720  
M: Lesnaya  
Open: from 6pm  
Entry: 40-100 rubles 

Heavier styles from hardcore punk to thrash metal with lots of teenagers in grubby leather until recently, but now the direction seems to have changed in favor of more mainstream rock sounds. Billiards. Concerts start at 6pm. 


10 Pushkinskaya Ul. (entrance through the arch at 53 Ligovsky Pr.)  
Tel: 1644857  
M: Pl. Vosstaniya/Mayakovskaya  
Open: daily from 3pm till the last person leaves  
Entry: 50 rubles on concerts nights which start at 10:30pm 

Despite the spartan interious and menu this place is still a favourite for local rock musicians/alternative artists and foreigners. 


4 Goncharnaya Ul.  
Tel: 2775164  
M: Pl. Vosstaniya  
Open: Sun.-Thurs. 10am to 3am, Fri.-Sat. 10am to 7am 

An art cafe that opened this year near the Moscow station, which features live performances, despite having no stage, and very reasonable prices. Cynic serves kebabs and a Sobaka cocktail with tabasco sauce. 


14 Apraksin Dvor  
Tel: 3100549  
M: Nevsky Prospect/Sennaya Ploshad  
Open: daily from 11am to 5:30am Mon. till 11pm  
Entry: 40 rub. after 7pm 

The city's first and premier rockabilly bar - complete with a confederate flag and Elvis and Marilyn posters. Usually packed with a rowdy crowd of technical students and leather-clad teddyboys. Alas, coat check can only handle half the crowd. Shows daily at 8pm and 12:30am. Russian billiards. All Petersburg's rock and roll groups perform here. 


13 Apraksin Dvor  
Tel: 3100549  
M: Nevsky Prospect/Sennaya Ploshad  
Open: daily from 7pm to 5:30am Mon. till 11pm  
Entry: 40 rub. 

Located above the rockabilly bar Money Honey (entrance through Money Honey), and with a more mature crowd, the club specialises in pop/rock, blues and reggae. Hot food, three bars, pool and Russian billiards plus real fireplaces. Live shows Mon.-Sun. at 8.20pm and on Fri.-Sat. also at 1am. 


14 Bolshaya Morskaya Ul.  
Tel: 2194184  
M: Nevsky Prospect  
Open: Sun.-Tues. 1pm to 12am, Wed.-Sat. 1pm to 4am  
Entry: 40-50 rub. when a band is playing 

Large college-like undeground, cavernous pub which features frequent live concerts and a pool table. Rockabilly, blues, rock and roll. 


6 Prospect Dobrolyubova  
Tel: 2330672  
M: Sportivnaya/Gorkovskaya  
Open: Daily 6pm to 6am  
Entry: 50-150 rub. after 7pm 

Designed to be the official club of St. Petersburg State University, Faculty was lunched with a Markscheider Kunst concert, and offers performances from live club acts and DJs. Face control. The interior is very university-like with unusual portraits and a library at the bar. More drinking than reading though. 


31 Ul. Chernyakhovskogo  
Tel: 1645250  
M: Ligovsky Prospect  
Open: Daily from 7pm to 6am  
Entry: 50-100 rub. when bands are performing 

A recent addition to the rock club scene, Front is located in a bomb shelter (just like The Tunnel and Griboyedov before) and features live rock and pop bands, with repertoire similiar to those of Fish Fabrique and Moloko. 


16 Ul. Mayakovskaya  
Tel: 2792054  
M: Mayakovskaya  
Open: Daily from 11am to 2am  
Entry: Free entrance 

None-too-cheapp theme bar based on the top legends, with photos hanging everywhere, and videos of the Beatles constantly playing. Live concerts start at 9pm. 


7/9 Nevsky Pr.  
Tel: 3155873  
M: Nevsky Prospect  
Entry: 50-120 rub. 

Launched with much pomp as the city's best rock club in 1999, Saigon changed direction last June, and now holds striptease and comedy shows. Three levels, two bars, a video screen and lots of shiny metal, plus an Internet cafe. 


23 Nab. Fontanki  
M: Nevsky Prospect  
Open: Daily from 3pm to 5am  
Entry: 20-50 rub. 

Small alternative and chaotic bar with an unlikely downtown location. Psychobility and punk concerts. Cheap beer. Tattoo studio. Concerts usually start between 7pm and 8pm. 



61 Vyborgskaya Nab.  
Tel: 2452030, 1183518  
M: Lesnaya  
Open: Tues.-Sun. 10pm-6am  
Entry: Men 200 rub., women 150 (weekdays), men 300, women 200 (weekends) and more on special occasions  

Huge entertainment complex with bowling club, billiards and disco. Sea-theme design, Eurodance, male and female striptease shows. Live shows start at 12:30 or 1:30am. 


23 Lanskoye Shosse  
Tel: 2469910  
M: Chernaya Rechka  
Open: daily from 6pm to 4am  
Entry: 300 rub. 

A place where Moscow people want to go when they visit the city. Great place if you speak Russian, but without it you will miss the point of the cabaret. Don't miss splashing out 450 rubles to drink a meter of beer, there is a prize at the end of it. The program starts at 10pm, after which the door will only let you in "for a consideration". 


21 Moskovsky Prospect  
Tel: 2591155  
M: Tekhnologichesky Institut  
Open: daily until 6am  
Entry: 30-60 rub., Fri.-Sat. 75 rub. 

Smart Cuban theme club with live bands and three dance floors playing Latino, house and pop. Restaurant, chill-out room, pool, free pop-corn. 


46 Nevsky Prospect  
Tel: 3116077  
M: Nevsky Prospect  
Open: Wed.-Sun. 11pm-6am  

The once-intimidating original home of the New Russian royalty has become more accessible in recent years. The wealthy but largely relaxed crowd are mainly there to watch the constant cycle of shows - usually lip-sync pop and strip shows, with occasional MTV stars playing late concerts. Pleasant but pricey dinner/bar. 


17 Prospect Kosygina  
Tel: 5256313  
M: Ladozhskaya  
Open: Thurs.-Sun. 10pm-6am  
Entry: 80-380 rub. Free entrance for girls wearing bikinis. 50% discount at the door for students on Thurs. and Sun.  

This beach theme night club opened last March at the same venue where the notorious Candyman uded to be. Mostly Eurodance, with some more trendy sounds. Pop and occasionally rock acts. Two levels, two bars, restaurant. 


5 Kanal Griboyedova  
Tel: 3157607  
M: Nevsky Prospect  
Open: daily from 12pm to 6am  

Usually packed with foreigners whose passport gets them in for free. Marstall runs an array of stripshows, with athletic strippers and creative costumes. Bar and restaurant. Stripshows start at 11pm. 


8 Kanal Griboyedova  
M: Nevsky Prospect  
Open: daily 1pm - 11pm  
Entry: 25 rub. until 6pm, 50 rub. afterwards  

Quite popular, sex-oriented Marilyn Monroe theme club. The interior features faux-Greek frescoes inside naked men, minotaurs with teenage boys and women playing penis-flutes. Bar, dance floor playing pop and house, Japanese chill-out room with incense and soft porn, erotic channels. 


11 Malaya Morskaya Ulitsa  
Tel: 3111343  
M: Nevsky Prospect  
Open: daily 12pm - 6am  
Entry: 50-100 rub., free for foreigners 

A roomy hunting-lodge-style club. Eurodance, stripshows with male strippers on Tuesdays and some Fridays. Mon.: free entry and champagne for girls from 10pm till midnight. Tue.: from 10:30pm male striptease, free entry till midnight for ladies plus a free bottle of champagne between 11pm and midnight. Wed.: 70's and 80's disco music, free entry and champagne for girls from 10pm until midnight, erotic dance show. Thu.: free unlimited beer for all from 10pm-3am, girls get in for free before 11pm, erotic dance show from 11pm. Fri.: free entry till 11pm for girls. Sat.: erotic dance show. Sun.: free entry for ladies till midnight, erotic dance show from 11pm. 


2 Nab. Makarova  
Tel: 3283901  
M: Nevsky Prospect/Sportivnaya  
Open: Fri.-Sat. 10pm-6am, restaurant open daily from 9pm until last client leaves  
Entry: 200-300 rub. and more on special occassions, seat at a table 500 rub. 

Newest rival to Hollywood Nites and La Plage, nightclub Plaza opened in a 19th-century building at one of the most beautiful historical spots - Vasilievsky Ostrov's Strelka. A bit posh crowd. 


1 Pl. Dekabristov  
Tel: 3111690  
M: Nevsky Prospect/Sennaya Ploshad  
Open: daily 12pm - 6am  
Entry: Free entrance 

Gets quite packed at the weekends. Russian pop, a bit of rock and a fair amount of classic mainstream. Good beer-and-munchies place, with a nice interior, but on the pricey side. 



2A Voronezhskaya Ul.  
Tel: 1644355,  
M: Ligovsky Pr.  
Open: daily 5pm - 6am  
Entry: 60-80 rub., free between 5pm and 8pm 

Located in a bomb shelter and operated by Dva Samoleta, this club is generally full and cool, with a good habit of booking alternative bands to mix with itshabitual rave and techno. Wednesday is disco night. Young foreigners are quite fond of the place as well as many locals. 


3B. Malaya Monetnaya Ul.  
Tel: 2323137  
M: Gorkovskaya  
Open: Fri.-Sat., 11:50pm-6am  
Entry: 60 rub. 

Decadent house party featuring some of the best techno in St. Petersburg. Drum'n'bass/jungle, visiting and resident DJz. Very young crowd, so if you are over 23 you may feel out of place. 


174 Ligovsky Pr.  
Tel: 1660204,  
M: Ligovsky Pr.  
Open: daily from 10pm-6am  
Entry: Mon.-Thurs., Sun. 40-60 rub. Fri.-Sat. 60-80 rub. After midnight 100 rub. 

The owners has spent a lot of money on Metro and as a result it is a great success. Now there are 3 floors many bars, relaxing saloon-bar. Many well-off local teenagers. 


2 Per. Antonenko  
Tel: 3142609,  
M: Sennaya Ploshad  
Open: daily from 3pm-6am  
Entry: 40-300 rub. 

Intended to blow the competition away when it first opened, with great layout and loads of space. Needs to be full, otherwise its emptiness is overwhelming. Originally for the progressive crowd, now it attracts all kinds. Techno and pop, plus a billiards room. Techno parties with resident DJs at 10pm. 


Pr. Engelsa 113  
Tel: 5114918  
M: Ozerki  
Open: daily from 6pm  
Entry: from 100 rub. 

Restaurant (table-booking). Table from 100-300 rubles. Concerts, strptease, casino, games machines room. The blue-yellow interior and the metal constructions. Wed.: beer parties, Thu.: erotic space show. 


Moskovsky pr. 111  
Tel: 3204400, 3204427  
M: Moskovskie Vorota  
Open: daily from midday  
Entry: free for girls till midnight except Fri. and Sat. 

Split-level bowling club with disco starting daily at 10pm. Business lunch is available week days from 1pm-4pm. Fri., Sat., Sun.: live music, pop-stars, ballet shows. 


CLUB 69  

6, 2-aya Krasnoarmeiskaya  
Tel: 2595163  
M: Tekhnologichesky Institut  
Open: Tues.-Sun., Tues., men only  
Entry: 100-200 rub. (men), 100-250 rub. (women) 

Club 69 is thought by many to have had his day, despite being one of the most notorious clubs in Russia during the late '90s. Lively shows, an army of young strippers, and tireless bar staff in weird costumes. The venues include a popular restaurant, busy dance floor, two bars and a dark room. 


29, Kanal Griboyedova  
Tel: 3184291  
M: Gostiny Dvor  
Open: daily from 6pm-6am  
Entry: free-70 rub. (men), 100-200 rub. (women) 

Inside chains hanging across the spiral staircase and a bizarre medieval castle interior. Spread over four floors, Greshniki caters to the lower end of the gay market. 


8, Ul. Blokhina  
Tel: 2388033  
M: Sportivnaya  
Open: Fri.-Sat., from 11pm-6am  
Entry: 50 rub. (men), 80 rub. (women) 

One of the city's oldest surviving gay clubs recalls Soviet-era deprivation of both heating, decor and service. Very friendly atmosphere though. Shows start at 2 am. 


4, Ul. Kolomenskaya  
Tel: 1643678  
M: Ligovsky Prospect  
Open: Daily, from 10pm-6am  
Entry: 20-50 rub. (men), 50-100 rub. (women) 

This tiny and unremarkable little club is friendly and smart. A bar, minute stage for cabaret and probably the smallest dance floor in the city. Seats for 40-50 guests. 50 rub. a table during show time.